Franchise Opportunity in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is one of the most popular locations for corporate expansions and relocations. Its status as an international transportation hub has made it one of the fastest-growing national and international marketplaces in the world.

Jacksonville is consistently rated one of the “Hottest Cities in the US” for business expansions, according to Expansion Management magazine. And the US Chamber of Commerce recently named Jacksonville the third least expensive city to launch a corporate headquarters.

No wonder the city currently is undergoing an explosion in job growth, attracting workers and their families from all over the US and beyond.

Franchise Opportunity in Jacksonville

The Amazing Explorers Academy

While Jacksonville is attracting record numbers of professionals, one side effect of this rapid growth is an increased need for top-quality day care, pre-school and early childhood education programs.

Due to so many dual income families moving into the Jacksonville region, there’s a growing need for child care programs such as those offered by the Amazing Explorers Academy.

Amazing Explorers is an innovative concept in early childhood education that focuses on hands-on, interactive learning with a science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) curriculum. The program’s success in Oviedo is now ready to be expanded to other cities, including Jacksonville.

Designed and constructed by the Orlando Science Center, The Amazing Explorers lab combines hands-on learning with scientific exploration to promote a lifelong passion for STEAM education. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to these concepts at an early age have a better chance of succeeding in the later education opportunities, as well as in their careers.

Jacksonville Franchise Opportunity – Getting in on the Ground Floor

Amazing Explorers offers a unique Franchise Opportunity in Jacksonville that meets a growing need among the city’s rapidly expanding population while providing its students with the type of innovative education that can inspire them to a lifelong passion for learning.

If you have been considering a franchise opportunity in Jacksonville, The Amazing Explorers Academy offers something that can’t be found anywhere else.

Franchise Opportunity in Jacksonville

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