Single Unit Franchise.

1-2 units in defined locations

Multi-unit Franchises:

3-5 units within a market.

Area Developer

6-10 units within a defined geographical area.

Regional Developer:

More than 10 units and the opportunity to solicit and manage prospective franchisees within the same area on behalf of AEA.

Franchise Management Options:

As an investor who does not want to operate or manage units, this is the option for AEA’s expert team to oversee all of the day-to-day operations of your center(s). AEA will facilitate all major aspects of the project from real estate site selection, design and build out, recruiting and hiring staff, grand opening marketing as well as the daily responsibilities of running the business.  Our franchise management program is an attractive investment opportunity for those that are interested in diversifying their portfolio with an exciting new early childhood education brand while not having to participate in managing the center.


Estimated Initial Investment

The estimated initial investment typically ranges from $350,500 to $3,877,000 depending on many variables and whether the facility is purchased or leased. This estimate includes a franchise fee of $50,000, optional real estate fee of $25,000, and many other costs such as real estate purchase costs, construction, equipment, leasehold improvements, lease deposit, insurance, etc.

  • Franchise Fee $50,000
  • Real Estate Agreement Fee $0 - $25,000
  • Royalty Fee $5,000/Month for year one ; $7,000 or 5% of Net Sales, whichever is greater, per month starting with year two and continuing through the term of the Franchise Agreement.
  • Advertising Fund $2,000 per month
  • Local School Marketing Funds $1,000 per month

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