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Receive and complete the prequalification packet, AEA will review the required documentation to complete your application.

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Discuss the document with your lawyer, submit specific legal questions, and schedule a FDD review conference for two weeks after the FDD receipt date.


FDD Conference

DIscuss possible questions on the FDD and Franchising Agreement.

Exploration Day!

Experience a full day at the AEA corporate training facility in Oviedo, FL meet with AEA executives, and receive your final approval.


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Execute the Franchise Agreement and the franchise is yours!

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Meet with the AEA real estate team to review opportunities in your preferred market.



All you need to know is that the initial franchise training program is up to 10 days, with 80 hours of on-site training. You will have access to AEA’s proprietary STEAM Curriculum Manuals, ongoing teacher training program, and the grand opening marketing strategy.

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