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By becoming a Chief Amazing Officer and owner of an Amazing Explorers Academy®, you will be a part of the 21st century educational transformation that will completely change the early education and child care industry across the USA and worldwide.


Early Education and Child Care Industry

With a consistent track record for the past decade, the early education and child care industry is poised for long-term growth.


Research shows that the return on investment for early childhood education is greater that the return at any other level of education, for both society and children.

Early education does more for a child’s chance of success in school and in life than at any other time in their development.

The brain grows to about 80% of adult size by the time a child is three years old, and to 90% by the age of five.


Child care is a

58 billion dollar industry

IBIS World predicts

4% annual growth during the next five years.



Growth in working moms and dual income families caused by a long-term shift in women’s workforce.

Single Parents:

25 of 100 %

25% of children are from single parent families.

Professional Career:

64 of 100 %

64% of mothers with preschool children have a professional career.

Each year there are approximately

4 million

births in the U.S.


9 million

children have no formal child care available to them.


25 million

children under the age of 6, projected to reach 28 million by 2016.


58 of 100 %

58% of children

age three to five are enrolled in a child care program.

After School Programs:

17 of 100 %


of six to twelve year olds are enrolled in after school programs.

Of the remaining children,

41 of 100 %

41% would enroll

if a program were available.


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